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Vintage Postcard – Home on Maple Street, Battle Creek

maple street

Battle Creek, Mich., Private Grounds along Maple Street.

Wait a minute, this is a postcard, but it’s old, it’s not a chrome and it’s not of a motel. WTH? I know, I know. But I know this house! I drive by it on a regular basis. Many years ago I did a little research on it, even.

This postcard is split on the back, Message May Be Written On This Side/Address Only On This Side, made by the High C. Leighton Co., Manufacturers, Portland, M.E., U.S.A. Made in Germany 8641. It was mailed using a one cent green Ben Franklin stamp and cancelled in Detroit on April 24, 2011 and then in Lamont, Mich on April 26, 1911. It was sent to Miss Minnie Gunstra, Lamont, Mich and reads:

Hello Minnie
Pardon me. I having been spending the afternoon in B.C.
George S.

It’s a delightful message, no?


This image is from the Willard Library website and is estimated as being taken around 1940. The location was the home of Herb Bauer and Michigan Pictures (photography business) in 1943.


And here it is from the City of Battle Creek property database, taken in 2010. The official address today (Maple Street changed to Capital Avenue) is 238 NE Capital Avenue. My memory is hazy, but it seems I remember this place was at one time a small cult headquarters. It’s been a multi-resident apartment dwelling for as long as I remember personally. The tax records show that it was last sold on a land contract in 2000 for $279,000. It’s taxable value as of 2012 is $87,385. It is listed as being built in 1880, and is 7,240 square feet (excluding basement, I think). It has 15 three-fixture bathrooms. Property taxes on this bad boy will set you back about $5,000 a year.

A brief Google search shows that the residents at this location are maybe not the highest quality…sex offenders, individuals convicted of assault with a weapon.

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