Lou Coomes

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Vintage Postcard – Lou Coomes Charcoal Galley & ┬áLounge

Lou Coomes

Lou Coomes
Charcoal Galley and Cocktail Lounge
2627 North East Street (U.S. 27 North), 5 minutes from downtown Lansing. Ample Parking. For Gracious Dining and a delightful experience. Choice Steaks – Excellent Sea Food – Refrigerated Gourmet Table. Phone 485-7696

Color Photo by T.E. Shea – Lansing, Michgian

This lovely vintage postcard has been sent using a 5 cent Salvation Army stamp. It was mailed August 4, 1965 from Lansing, Michigan to Mrs. J. Welcher, 2409 [2309 written above in different color ink] W Main, Kalamazoo Mich. It reads:

Hi Jeannette,
Tell John I gave his message to Ann. Walt is working in Mt. Pleasant this week. Phone 372-6445 707 Cloverleaf. Lansing
So you are getting rid of your boys. I am sure John enjoyed his stay at your house.
Noreen S.

Handwritten at the top is 2736 Senate Dr.

This is an odd card. It’s sent to Kalamazoo from a bar in Lansing, which is just over an hour away. What does Noreen mean by “getting rid of your boys”?

I wish my Grandma was still alive. I’d ask her if she remembers Lou Coomes, the restaurant. The internet notes that Lou Coomes, the man, died at age 90 in East Lansing on March 29, 1989. Oh, Google Streetview, is this really it?

Lou Coomes now
Looks rather sad and run-down, wouldn’t you say? It seems the place has been a drug rehab center in recent years. This website said the site was purchased in 2009 and is now being rehabbed as the temple for this church (use Google translate tool in Chrome).

A little internet searching reveals Jeannette’s obituary here: Mrs. Jeannette R. Welcher – 2309 West Main St., passed away Sunday evening, April 9, 1972. Mrs. Welcher was born October 21, 1896, in Big Rapids, Michigan and had been a resident of Kalamazoo for the past 53 years. She was employed in the offices of Bronson Hospital, prior to that was employed by the Kalamazoo Livestock Sales and A.S.C.S. source: Kalamazoo Gazette Tues Apr 11, 1972.

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