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Exercise Sucks, or, I’d Rather Lie on the Couch

Now that the weather’s warmer and my attitude doesn’t suck (quite) as much, we’re back on the bandwagon as far as working out. My coworker Melissa and I are back on the 2-3 times a week schedule at the Fitness Loft at Burnham Brook (it’s true…for all ages now, not just the old folks). We had kept it up regularly through last fall, only to stop entirely sometime in December or January.

Working out during the day means I go in really early to work and then eat lunch at my desk. I wouldn’t probably keep it up if it weren’t for Melissa. I’m lazy and would honestly rather just work straight 10 hour days. I mean, I can always find something I’d rather be doing than working out, including catching up on desk work or even scooping poop. But having someone else helps motivate me. Or at least, it makes me more accountable for going.

We almost sort of like cardio drumming. And, horrors, we’ve been doing Zumba Gold since drumming is only twice a week (and I really, really hate Pump classes). I guess I know in my heart that once it gets cold again, I’ll probably stop going. But for now, I’m at least putting in a little effort.

In addition to the Fitness Loft schedule, Bob and I normally catch a walk once on the weekend. He was a sweetie and set up the old tv and the DVD player in the basement for me so three nights a week I’m back going through the rotation of yoga DVDs. I always feel better when I’ve been doing yoga regularly. Better physically, better mentally. Just better. Also, I enjoy it while I’m doing it (not so much with drumming or Zumba).

Anyhow, here’s a little Olivia Newton John to brighten your day.

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