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Friday Mom and I skipped work and went to Lansing for the day. First we went to Elderly Instruments (I bought a guitar). Then we walked down to see the river.

Then we decided to walk around Old Town and do some shopping.

We went into October Moon (love it!) and Tallulah’s Folly (they have a store cat, Miss Kitty).

We also went through a few antique stores before heading off to see how Regent Street is looking these days.

The answer? Not so good. The front lawn is torn up, the steps are uneven and rotting, and it is badly in need of a paint job. The rest of the street looked poorly, too.

Then we headed off to visit some family members who are missed and do a bit of fall clean-up.

This next one is a personal reference for me, as I can never remember where to go in Evergreen. Now I can look up and see to park by the Poletes.

Visited Uncle Nick.

I really miss Grandma.

I wished that after our travels around Old Town, we could have gone back to her place and showed her the guitar and talked about everything we had seen.

On the way home, Mom and I stopped by Joe’s Gizzard City USA in Potterville for a late lunch…and a dessert of deep-fried s’mores. It was a lovely day. I am so glad Mom and I got to spend it together. Wished Kirsten, Aunt Suzie and Gail would have been there, too.

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