La Concha Puerto Rico

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Vintage Postcard – La Concha, Puerto Rico

La Concha Puerto Rico

La Concha
Hotel, Beach & Cabana Club
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico at its most enchanting…in the sophisticated world of the magnificently modern, completely air-conditioned new LA CONCHA – overlooking San Juan, the ocean, the mountains! Vast stretch of beach; unique cabana club and huge pool; several amusing cocktail lounges; gourmet cuisine in all dining rooms; and top shows in the spectacular Club la Concha…a tremendous shell set at the ocean’s edge!

Litos In U.S. A.

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed from San Juan April 29 1963 using both a green 1 cent Washington stamp and a 5 cent Jefferson stamp. It was mailed to Miss Catherine Robbins, 231 Washington St, Riverside, N.J. It reads:

Having a ball! This sure is the “vacation spot.”

Chuckie & Vince

Oh, my. I could spend a winter’s day in an amusing cocktail lounge. Not sure what exactly would make a cocktail lounge amusing, aside from the antics of drunken tourists. I’ll take my drink with one of those little umbrellas, thanks.

Guess what? The La Concha is still open for business. It gets pretty good reviews on Yelp!¬†although one reviewer was disappointed that the provided hair dryer didn’t have a ‘cold’ setting on it. Also, there seemed to be some issues with the elevators not working, or trapping people inside. A Trip Advisor review says it is a “hip, Miami-style hotel’ and T.A. lists it with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence.

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