Kunstlerhaus Restaurant – The Grill Munich

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Vintage Postcard – Kunstlerhaus Restaurant – Cafe Munchen

Kunstlerhaus Restaurant – Cafe, Munchen
Innenhof mit Pergola

CONWA Grossovertrieb G.m.b.H. Munchen
Aufnahme Foto L. Ammon, Berchtesgaden-Schonau

This vintage card was mailed back to the US. The stamp has been removed and the addressee scribbled out. It reads:

5/13/60 Hi everybody this is where we stayed last nite it is a real nice place don’t look like much outside but is nice inside. Will have a lot to tell you when we get back. We are going to Austria today at 8:30 also thru the black forest & the German Alps. Should be real nice. We rec. your letter O.K. it was nice hearing from you. Love Mom & Dad

Looks like this place is still open for business! Check out The GRILL Munich.

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