Kirsten Visits!

Monday, August 27, 2012 0 No tags Permalink

Kirsten came into town for a visit this last week. We had so much fun together! On Monday we went to Bowling Green with Mom to see Aunt Suzie, Gail, Laura, Sydney and Philip.

On Tuesday, Kirsten and I went to Zooroona for lunch, walked around Kalamazoo (got some great postcards in an antique store), and went to the Radisson for a spa day.

On Wednesday I went back to work. Mom and Kirsten came over to see the animals, then we went to Joann’s and to the Continental Bakery for lunch.

I came down with a bad cold on Wednesday, but managed to get through the day anyway. Thursday I took the morning off work. I took Mom and Kirsten over for breakfast at Chocola-tea in Kalamazoo (I was so excited, but couldn’t taste a thing!). Then Bob and I went to dinner at Mom and Dad’s. It was so nice spending time with Kirsten. I miss her already.

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