Kirsten and Troy Vacation 2013

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Kirsten and Troy came back to Michigan for a summer visit. I wish I could somehow remove all the boring middle-of-the-country states in between here and Oregon and make Portland much, much closer to Battle Creek. Anyhow.

On Monday Bob and I went and had dinner at Mom and Dad’s house. I was an idiot and didn’t take any photos. Why, why, why didn’t I take any photos?

On Thursday, Kirsten and Troy came out to see the dogs and cats at the shelter. Hanging out with Freddie:


And Kelsie:

And taking a walk with Gavin:


Friday I took the day off work, and Mom and Kirsten and I headed to Detroit. First, we stopped for lunch at Seva.

Mom @ Seva Detroit

It was a beautiful day so we sat outside.

Kirsten @ Seva Detroit


We ordered an appetizer – roasted red pepper hummus with crudité & crackers.

Seva Restaurant

I had the Seva Club for lunch, which had tofurky, smoked coconut, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, vegan aioli, triple decker on toasted avalon pullman bread. I had the yam fries with it. Awesome.

Seva Detroit

After lunch, we headed over to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Kirsten and I had never been there, and it had been nearly 40 years since Mom had last visited.



Not surprisingly, I took a ton of photos. I’m just putting a few up on today’s post, though.


West Wall, Rivera Court:

DIA - Rivera Court

Of course, the big one to visit is William Adolphe Bouguereau; The Nut Gatherers.

DIA - The Nut Gatherers

Raymond Duchamp-Villon; Cat:

Raymond Duchamp-Villon

You know I love my pop art. Here’s Richard Estes; Welcome to 42nd Street (Victory Theatre):

Richard Estes

Walking through the DIA, there were so many paintings that reminded me of something that Grandpa Ledyard had painted. William Stanley Haseltine; Venice I:

William Stanley Haseltine

Family has been very close in my mind the past week. Walking the DIA, I saw things that reminded me of both sets of grandparents, my Aunt Gini and Aunt Suzie. Visiting the DIA was wonderful. I really hope Detroit doesn’t sell any of the artwork.

Saturday, Bob and I met Kirsten and Troy for dinner and drinks at Clara’s. It was another gorgeous evening, and we sat outside.

Kirsten and Troy @ Clara's

I miss them already.

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