June is Bustin Out All Over

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June is Bustin Out All Over

June is Bustin Out All Over! Summer weather has returned to Michigan. We’ve had the air conditioners in service at home and at work. Everything is lush and green. I’ve got all of the annuals planted at home, but still need to put in the perennial natives at the shelter, clean the vegetable garden, and plant all of the vegetables. It seems like I’m a little behind. Last year in the first week of June we were concerned about frost, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case this year.

Mom and I did the greenhouses, and got (most of) the cemetery plots planted. A major rain storm stopped us from completing all of our tasks, but we will go back later in June to finish up and see how our plantings are doing.

I’ve started working on a full size Book Nook (click here for examples, from Buzzfeed). While I have lots of ideas, I’m starting with a forest scene. Fingers crossed it turns out well. I’ll post some photos of the progress. As always, I don’t wind up having a ton of time to work on art projects. I’m anxious to get back to some wood cut printing as well. I am working on catching up on crochet cat blankets for adoptions at the shelter. We had run out while I was working on my last baby blanket project.

I’m not doing summer reads this year, but I am listening to the audio book for The Second Life of Mirielle West by Amanda Skenandore. It’s quite captivating so far. I mostly listen to audio books when I’m making dinner.

If you are feeling also that June is Bustin Out All Over, and have the need to sing, click here for the song. Hope your month is off to a great start.

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