January Review

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As January reaches an end and we look into a February starting with a huge predicted snow storm, it is hard to feel that spring will ever come. I look back through google photos and instagram to see previous February to see signs of spring. There’s not much there. However, we do have Twin Peaks Day, so we have that going for us. Wednesday marks the halfway point between winter and spring.

I’ve continued on with some ATCs. They are a nice break from the Cornell illustration class, which is quite challenging. I just finished an Our Lady of Guadalupe, which didn’t turn out so great, and I am working on a Saint Gertrude, the patron saint of cats. How does one get the eyes of a saint so they don’t look like they are possessed? Or like they are watching the water in a toilet bowl rise to where it might spill all over from a blockage of giant proportions? Saint Gertrude is the patron saint of cats, and her day is also Saint Patrick’s Day. Cats or snakes? It’s easy to choose.

February might bring the return of the robins. That is a fairly normal occurrence. I expect the month may pass quickly, as they often seem to do the older I get. It’s also InCoWriMo, and hopefully I will get a good deal of letters out. As always, I’ll have Valentine’s Day gifts for the staff members, and will send little items out for Twin Peaks Day. Hope your month is off to a great start!

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