Jack Frost Villas

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Jack Frost Villas – Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida

Jack Frost Villas

Jack Frost Villas
A Motel of Distinction
1901-1911-1921 – 71st Street
Normandy Isle, Miami Beach, Florida
Phones: 86-1351 — 86-9378

Hotel Rooms, Kitchenettes, One and Two Bedroom Apartments; “Miniature Mansions.” All units either air-conditioned or air-cooled; sound proofed; electrically heated; Air Foam Beds; Television Throughout; Ample Parking
Close to Municipal Ocean Bathing Beach; Tennis Courts and Golf Course.

– “Curteichcolor” Reproduction from Kodachrome or Extachrome Original –

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed August 10, 3PM, 1956 in Miami Beach using a red 2 cent Jefferson stamp. It was sent to Carrie & Netta B. Shenberger
1010 Mt. Rose Avenue, York, PA.

Greetings from Miami. We are having a wonderful time. This is where we are staying for 1 week. Lots to talk about when we see you. Claire & Steve.

(see also Marriott Motor Hotel in Washington DC, mailed to Netta Bell Shenberger)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Jack Frost Villas still exist at that location. I was able to find a Jack Frost Villas Motel corporation, in existence for 51 years, however the status is inactive. From what I’ve been able to dig up, Carrie and Netta (Nettie Bell) were sisters. Carrie was born in 1892 and Netta was born in 1894. I’m guessing this postcard and the Marriott Motor Hotel are both from her estate sale. Nettie passed away in 1982. You can find her grave-marker here.

It feels somewhat odd to have a postcard sent to young Nettie so many years ago in my collection. Who exactly were Claire and Steve, and how did they know Nettie and her sister? Where has the card been in the 30 years since her death? It’s only with the help of the internet that I’ve been able to put a few details to the card, but it still doesn’t feel like enough. Is it possible that somewhere out there, my relations have postcards floating around with few details to go along? Typing in my great-grandmother’s name, Google quickly pulls my grandma’s obituary and a listing to Mt. Hope cemetery where she is buried. That’s it.

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