IXORA Motel Lake Worth

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Vintage Postcard – IXORA Motel Lake Worth, Florida

IXORA Motel Lake Worth

on U.S. 1 – 722 North Dixie Hwy.
Lake Worth, Fla. — 582-9215
Motel rooms, efficiencies and apartments. Family Units. TV in all rooms. Central heating. Air conditioning optional. Close to center of Town, beaches, fishing pier, golf course and Churches. Owners-Managers –Marge and Bob Rowland.

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This lovely vintage postcard was mailed using a 4 cent Lincoln log cabin stamp from Lake Worth on February 14, 1967. It was sent to Mr. and Mrs. R.J. LeMay, 56 Union St., Springfield, Vermont. It reads:

Lake Worth, Feb. 14
Having a grand time going places with the Vercoes today. Weather beautiful. Head toward Daytona Beach soon
Love Eileen

You’ll be pleased to see that the Ixora is still standing, though I’m not entirely sure it’s open for business. Here’s the Google Street View:

IXORA Motel Lake Worth

Hopefully someone will show the old gal a little love.

As to the recipients of this card, RJ LeMay, or Raphael John, died August 6, 1969 at age 56. He was still living at the Union Street address at the time of death. His wife, Victoria, passed away at age 95 in a nursing home on December 10, 2006. She had been a music teacher. This is their home at 56 Union Street (Google Street View):



N.B. From WikipediaIxora is a genus of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family. It is the only genus in the tribe Ixoreae. It consists of tropical evergreen trees and shrubs and holds around 545 species. Though native to the tropical and subtropical areas throughout the world, its center of diversity is in Tropical Asia. Ixora also grows commonly in subtropical climates in the United States, such as Florida where it is commonly known as West Indian Jasmine. Pronounce it like ‘ick-sorra’.

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