In Like a Lion…

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March this year seems to have come in like a lion. Today we’re watching Winter Storm Saturn track across the country. Predictions are still calling for Chicago to get ten inches, but our original 3-6 inches has been reduced to 1-3. It was sunny this morning:

March 5 2013 sunshine


When I took the mail out to the mailbox this afternoon, there were two robins in the front tree looking unhappy. Foolish creatures should have waited a week or two. Looking ahead at the upcoming forecast over the next few weeks, it looks like we’re not going to match the highs from last year (it was 80 degrees on March 15, 2012) or even the year before (70 degrees on March 17, 2011). Last week’s Board meeting was cancelled due to the weather.

Daylight savings time comes this Sunday. The first day of spring is only 15 days off  now. I know that the next few months will fly by, spring will turn to summer and it will be winter again before we know it. Last night I dreamed of spring planting. We really have enjoyed the fires this winter, though. And there is something nice about everyone else being kept inside all the time. Other people really sort of suck, you know? Burning their trash, letting their dogs run, hosting a nightly hootenanny listening to radio’s Delilah at full volume…or is that just our neighborhood?

Note: In like a lion refers to the old adage about March weather coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. From elementary school, I remember art projects with lambs made of construction paper and cotton balls. However, the phrase could also have something to do with astrological progressions of Leo and Aries in the spring sky. Either way, it doesn’t really matter…the weather simply is and making predictions won’t do anything about it. If you’re interested in long range projections, click here for the Farmer’s Almanac.

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