Imperial House Restaurant

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Vintage Postcard – Imperial House Restaurant

imperial house

Imperial House Restaurant
129 So. Orlando Ave.
(Hwy. 17 – 92)
Winter Park, Fla.
Aristocrat among restaurants
Where the Royal Rib reigns supreme.
Florida’s leading dining spot and cocktail lounge.
Excellent cuisine – Service at reasonable prices.
Phone 644-8173
American Exporess – Diner’s Club

W.R. Marion, 1716 No. Shore Terr., Orlando

You guys, I’m such a sucker for a night-view with neon. I love this card! Also, it is where the Royal Rib reigns supreme! 

What a pisser to find that the place is long gone. This 1986 article in the Orlando Sentinel noted in this article that after 33 years, the place was bulldozed to the ground. Vincent Price dined there! The building was constructed in 1953. Here’s another view from Swampy’s Florida and check this one out on facebook.


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