Idle Hour Fort Lauderdale

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Vintage Postcard – Idle Hour Fort Lauderdale

Idle Hour Fort Lauderdale

3300 N.E. 27th St. off A-1-A, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
200 yards to Ocean, Swimming Pool, Tropical Patio. Hotel rooms, Efficiencies and Apts, with heat and Air Conditioning.
Joseph and Gertrude Fernandez, owner-managers.
Phone LO 4-9475

Genuine Natural Color Made by Dexter Press, Inc. West Nyack, N.Y.
Pub. by Robert N. Morris, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed January 15, 1959 using a purple three cent liberty stamp, sent to The Pollards, 721 Remington, Saginaw Michigan. It reads:

Dear Mary & Al
Wish you could come here sometime too. The weather has been warm and life is leisurely. We’ll think of you when we eat lobster one of these nights. 
Russ & Mae
Hope Bruce is fine.

I love the modern look of this motel. Here’s another postcard view.

The address is now the Green Island Inn. It’s pretty overgrown and dramatically changed, but could it be the same place? Maybe. The floating staircase and metal banister is the same. The windows have been changed out, as have the doors. But compare the stairs:

Image Courtesy Green Island Inn

Image Courtesy Green Island Inn

Based on that, and the overgrown Google Street View images, I’m calling this one the same. I’ve contacted the owner to see about getting some more information, and will update as available.

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