HP 1077 Indochine Circular Tote – Completed

Monday, October 17, 2011 0 No tags Permalink

It is done! I had a problem with the strap, so I’ve added another and it seems to have worked out okay. I’ve received a few compliments on it from people who had no idea I sewed it myself, which was nice. It’s about the right size for what I need to tote my camera and purse around.

HP 1077 Handbag Heaven Indochine Circular Tote

I would – and will, likely – make it again in different fabrics. I’d also probably think twice about the studs (I used snap covers because I couldn’t find any actual studs).

HP 1077 Handbag Heaven Indochine Circular Tote

The pattern also calls for a 12 inch zipper but the area you are supposed to sew is around a 7 inch zipper so I’d either sew less or use a smaller zipper next time.

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