Hotel Penn Alto

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Vintage Postcard – Hotel Penn Alto

Hotel Penn Alto

The Mayfair Room of Hotel Penn Alto, Altoona, Pa., is one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful Cocktail Lounges. Completely air-conditioned and entertainment nightly.

Thomsen-Ellis-Hutton Co., Balto, 2. Md. (c) Typogravure. Made in U.S.A.

This vintage postcard was mailed using a green one cent Washington stamp from Altoona May 30 1949. It was cancelled with an Altoonoa Centennial Celebration August 7-14 1949 cancellation. The card was mailed to Miss Agnes Nowak, 3016 N Summit, Milwaukee, Wis. It reads:

The country is beautiful here. Will see you in Milwaukee the 25th of June. Love Rose and Ted.

This is my first postcard from Pennsylvania. The building was constructed in 1921. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, item numberĀ 89000350.

David W. Seidel has written a book, Altoona, which shows a few additional images as well as discussing the regular events at the Mayfair Room. He notes the Mayfair Room is now space used for a convenience store. Shame.

Here’s an article from the Altoona Mirror, which discusses a bit of an issue with defrauding over a sale. The location is now known as City Hall Commons and is an apartment building. They have no website, and it is unclear if the building is still being used.

I can’t think of Altoona, PA without thinking of this song:

Wishing you all a joyful Thanksgiving.

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