Holiday Lights

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 0 No tags Permalink

Bob and I walked the downtown and took photos of the holiday lights. It was warm and lovely…different than today for sure, with rain changing to ice changing to snow and four inches of the white stuff predicted.

Got the Christmas cards all addressed (25 of them this year), but have yet to start writing them out. Making some progress on the gifts. Had a very zen moment last night as I fought with a sewing pattern. After ripping out the stitches again, confirming that I hate how the fabric looks on the item, I realized that I don’t have to continue. I don’t have to make that particular item. No sense in getting upset about it. So I pulled out a simply gorgeous faux fur that I had spent the previous week before purchasing it thinking and dreaming about it every night…and started on a tried and true pattern I love. Only do what you enjoy, put good feelings into the project about the people whom you are making the item for, and everything will turn out perfectly. Woot!

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