Hillsboro Inlet Docks

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Vintage Postcard – Hillsboro Inlet Docks

hillsboro inlet docks

Charter boats returning after a day’s catch at Hillsboro Inlet Docks, Pompano Beach, Florida.

D&M Post Cards & Records Co., West Palm Beach, Florida.

I picked up this card at the Lansing postcard expo this summer, mostly because it reminded me of something my Grandpa or Mom would have enjoyed painting. You can see the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse (join the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse Preservation Society and read all about its history here). The lighthouse was constructed in Detroit in 1906, shipped via Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Illinois and Mississippi River, Gulf Mexico, and Key West, a 4,000 Nautical-Mile trip, and first illuminated on-site in 1907 (from the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse Preservation Society website).

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