Heavenly Saturday

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We got up this morning (Saturday, August 27) and went to breakfast. On the way, we saw the balloons (festival over this weekend at KCC).

We had breakfast with friend Kristina Ashley. Then we drove to Coldwater to look at trucks for Bob. Stopped by to see the progress at Tibbits Opera House on the way.

Bob test-drove a few trucks. When we got there, I was distracted by the sweet new Chevy Volt just delivered to the dealership.

Bob and I both took it out for a spin. It is an amazing car! It drives like a dream. I had to remind myself that although I just paid off the Equinox, I really, really don’t need to buy a new car right now. But if I was going to, it would absolutely be the Volt. Grandpa would be so proud of the vehicle. I am, once again, GM proud 🙂

We got back to Battle Creek and had dinner with Hassan at D’Nicio’s. It was fun, just being able to chat and hang out. After dinner, I worked on my project for a little bit (more on that on the next post), and then we had a bonfire. It was quite warm out, but we had a giant pile of sticks to burn. There were bats flying all around the back yard the whole time we were outside. I love bats. It was the perfect end to a perfect, perfect day.

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