Happy New Year

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It’s the time of the year for looking back on that which has taken place, and looking forward to all that is coming our way. I was expecting this to be a much longer post originally, but I’ve been ill and am somewhat unprepared for the change of date. Either way, it’s coming, so here we go (let me start you out with a photo of Miss Dumplin).



We’ve been tracking data since February 11, 2013 for catobear.com. Since that time, we’ve had 3,501 unique visitors making 4,535 visits and looking at a total of 14,805 page views. The top page visited was for the Bahama Princess Resort and Casino with 1,564 views. Following that was the Silver Lining Motel, Hotel Ponce Intercontinental, 1941 Singer 66-16 and Dog Bait Bags.

Since September, there have been a consistent three postcard posts a week. The secret is I prepared them all way, way in advance and even scheduled the posts to Google+, facebook and twitter at least a month ahead of time. I’ve not been posting as much other stuff the later part of the year. I’d like to do more in the year ahead.

If you, dear reader, think of a hotel, motel or other historic place that is special to your heart and you’d be interested in having me search for a postcard for it, let me know. If there’s anything else you’d like to see on catobear.com, let me know that, too. Want to be interviewed and have it here on the site? I’d be glad to do that as well.

The Year Behind

This year was full of change. There were happy times including the arrival of baby Logan and baby Gio. We had weddings for my coworker April and three cousins – Crystal, Angie and Heather (congratulations to you all!). And there were the sad losses that fundamentally changed our lives with the passing of my father and my Uncle George.

We went to our first postcard expo this year.  Kirsten and Troy came for a vacation, and then again in September for the funeral. Bob and I had a delightful mini-trip to Windsor.

Ralcorp Holdings was purchased by ConAgra. I celebrated five years at the shelter, and we completed a successful outdoor dog kennel reconstruction project.

Spring came later this year, weather-wise. Winter came earlier. The summer was cooler and more rainy.

The Year Ahead

Instead of resolutions, of which I am often not successful and thus become resentful, this year I am focusing more on things I’d like to do/accomplish.

This year I want to post a photo to Instagram every single day (follow my account here).

I want to plan on some fantastic day-adventures celebrating things in Michigan (so far on the list is photographing Frederik Meijer gardens this spring and attending the Michigan Fiber Arts Festival in August).

As an overall goal, I want to work on celebrating the people in my life who matter the most. I want to be more empathetic with them, and more kind in general with others.

I wish you much joy in the year ahead.

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