Halloween Past

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March is an excellent time to start planning for Halloween. As you may know, I force the staff members at work to dress up and compete to win Ulta gift cards each year. I have an idea for this year’s costume, and have been already pulling things together. It will require a significant sewing project to make it all happen though, and so starting ahead of time will be nice not only for me, but for those around me as well.

Below are my costumes since I’ve forced the contest at work (inspiration for each as a link to a youtube, for your entertainment). I wish I had a photo of the full version of Mr. Dark instead of just his hat and my hand. I was in crutches from surgery for the year of What Does the Fox Say. The Janeway costume was a full jumpsuit from the original pattern, and was difficult to sew.

What kind of sewing projects are you looking forward to?

2018 – The drummer Catman from Kiss

2017 – Endora from Bewitched

2016 – Mr. Dark from Something Wicked This Way Comes

2015 – Lord Raiden from Mortal Kombat


2014 – Backup Dancer – from What Does the Fox Say

2013 – Robert Smith from the Cure

2012 – Captain Janeway, Star Trek Voyager

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