Hacienda Las Vegas

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Vintage Postcard – Hacienda Las Vegas


Hotel Hacienda, Las Vegas, Nevada
This picturesque Olympic size pool and surrounding gardens have been designed for the guests’ utmost enjoyment. This luxurious Strip Hotel is one of the nation’s most beautiful settings and is dedicated to your vacationing pleasure.

Color by David M. Mills
Copyright Ferris H. Scott, Santa Ana, Calif.
Western Resort Publications, 1320 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, Calif.

This lovely vintage postcard is unused.

Th Hacienda opened in 1956 and was imploded on New Year’s Eve December 1996. It was located on the very south end of the strip, near McCarran Airport, in the location where Mandalay Bay now stands.

Here’s a YouTube of the implosion:

The implosion wasn’t the final bit of the Hacienda, though. The next day, the rest of the demolition work began. This website has some excellent photos of what was left after the explosion.

Also, this Flikr account has some awesome photos and postcards you should absolutely check out.

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