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I was so lucky to have two sets of wonderful grandparents. Not only were they really excellent in the way grandparents should be, but they were each amazing people individually.

My Grandpa Russell has been gone six years this week, and my Grandma Ledyard three years this week. How can that be? How can time have moved so quickly?

There is so much I wish I could share with each of my grandparents. So much I want to tell them, so much I want to ask them.

I always remember Grandma Ledyard reading to me. I can close my eyes and still hear her read Blueberries for Sal.

Doris S. Ledyard

I love this picture of me and Grandma Russell.

Mary E. Russell

Time with the Russells in Detroit. There’s Grandpa, Aunt Gini, Georgie and Heather with me and Mom.


No idea which beach this was taken at. I’m guessing Grandma and I might have been out with the speedboat, the Rosie, as I’m sporting my little life vest.

Doris Ledyard

Me and Grandpa Ledyard.

Robert Ledyard

Grandma and Grandpa Russell at my Mom and Dad’s wedding.

Mary and Harry Russell

Look! It’s a baby Gin!

Robert Ledyard

My Aunt Gini sent me this photo of me and Grandma.

Mary Russell

I always loved playing Clue. This is up in Lansing on Long Boulevard.

Robert Ledyard

Grandpa Russell, Christmas time at Mom and Dad’s house.

Harry Russell

Me and Grandma in 2007.

Doris Ledyard


More postcards coming up later this week.

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