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Miscellaneous B

File this one under Miscellaneous B – B for blathering. I recently made a post on facebook, remembering the reason why I applied for and continue to work at the shelter (it’s the cats!). It’s rather easy to get overwhelmed with the other stuff, which all takes up much more time and energy. There are several generalizations I can make about the pet-owning public, based on most of what I encounter on a daily basis:

  • Everyone wants a perfect cat/dog and are unwilling or unable to either work on the situation through training or acceptance. They want a pet that can be happily left alone for 12 hours a day without incident, but is overjoyed to spend time with the family when it works for their schedule.
  • Everyone wants the good qualities of a dog/cat, with none of the downsides: a cat that doesn’t use its claws, pets that don’t shed, dogs that only bark for a real intruder, cats that don’t mind using heaping disgusting unclean litterboxes.

You’d be surprised how many people truly want to exchange their adult dog/cat for a kitten or a puppy. You’d be surprised how many people want to breed their animal but can’t afford to feed it. You’d be surprised how many people would happily, easily surrender their animal to a shelter without a second thought. You’d be surprised how many people believe it is their RIGHT to own a pet, but if something goes wrong it is someone else’s responsibility to fix the problem.

Anyhow, here is a picture of Maxy, looking cute:

maxy cat

And on to the Grab Bag.

Grab Bag:

1. a collection of miscellaneous things
2. US, Canadian, and Austral a bag or other container from which gifts are drawn at random

Really, who doesn’t love a grab bag? The bits below are my random activities as of late. Please let me know what’s in your grab bag (watching, reading, listening, etc.) in the comments!


I’m at least four episodes behind on the current season of Mad Men. It’s on the DVR, and I’ll get around to it…eventually.

Summer Reading List

Right now, I’m finishing up a book about cognitive behavioral management (Mayo Clinic says it is an “effective tool to help anyone learn how to better manage stressful life situations” and I’m hoping it may help keep me from throttling someone at work). However, I’m ready to get started on my 2013 Summer Reading List. So far, I’ve got these on my list:

Sweet Salt Air – Barbara Delinsky
The Obituary Writer: A Novel – Ann Hood
The Apple Orchard – Susan Wiggs
The Interestings: A Novel – Meg Wolitzer
Life After Life: A Novel – Kate Atkinson
Six Years – Harlan Coben


Right this moment I am listening to Electric Guest’s Mondo album. You’ve maybe heard their hit song “This Head I Hold” which is awesome.

New Favorite Blog

I’ve been following Yes and Yes for awhile now. It’s a lifestyle blog by Sarah Von Bargen that features great photos and fantastic writing on a variety of subjects. I spend a lot of time on the Web Time Wasters posts.


I’m still (still!) working on the dog bait bags for work. Ran into a situation with belt clips (don’t ask). I’m also working on a blue knit maxi skirt with a yoga-top waistband.

Final Thought of the Day (from my Pinterest – True Dat! Board)


Courtesy of the Chive

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