Goldies Cabins

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Vintage Postcard – Goldies Cabins



Goldie’s Modern Cabins – Northeast of Charlotte, Michigan, on U.S. 27 & M-78. Private showers and toilets. Clean, cool, comfortable accommodations for the entire family. “A cheerful place to stop.” Phone Charlotte 1958. Goldie and Lyle Thompson, proprietors.

Pub. by H. J. Bell, Lansing 4, Mich.

This lovely vintage postcard was mailed from Charlotte on August 25, 1955 using two 1-cent green George Washington stamps. The card was clearly kept in a scrapbook, stuck with an adhesive. Some of the paper did not come off, so the writing is partially obscured. Best I can make out:

Staying here tonight Sure having a good time and nice and cool. Don’t work to [sic] hard. Frances

We recently made a photo trip to Goldie’s here. Goldie’s was right down the street from the Sundown.

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