Golden Gate Casino

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Vintage Postcard – Golden Gate Casino – Las Vegas


Golden Gate Casino
Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
In the Sal Sagev Hotel on Fremont Street, with a fine restaurant and all the popular games that make for fun in Las Vegas.

Desert Supply Co., Las Vegas, Nevada
Curteichcolor 3-D Natural Color Reproduction (Reg U.S.A. Pat. Off.)

This card is unused, but the Curteichcolor dating guides suggest this was printed in 1959.

As you may know, the Golden Gate is still in business. According to their website, land for the casino was purchased in 1905. In 1931 the hotel changed its name to Sal Sagev, as noted in the postcard, which is Las Vegas spelled backwards. The Golden Gate Casino was created on the site in 1955.

When we got married in Las Vegas in 2007, we made a trip downtown to Fremont and I snapped this image:



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