Global Warming

Friday, January 6, 2012 0 No tags Permalink

Today on the way in to work it was 39 degrees. Any day in January when the temperature is above freezing is a plus for sure. But nearing 50 degrees? I know there are horrible, horrible things that come with global warming. Seals and polar bears and countless other creatures will perish. Flooding will wreak havoc…I’m looking at you, Bangladesh. I’m all for the cap and trade system, increased requirements for vehicles and stricter EPA regulations. Anything that will stop the death of our planet, I’m all for it. However, it seems that the world is bent on making poor choices. I can’t do anything to stop the warmer weather. I just can’t help it if five days of sun and warmth makes my heart a little lighter.

Sunrise. Today we will have seven more minutes of daylight than one week ago.

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