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GM Proud

Every car I’ve purchased for myself has been a GM product. The last two were purchased new. My Grandpa retired from GM, and was proud of the company. I’ve had two Pontiac Grand Ams, a Pontiac Vibe, and now the 2010 Chevy Equinox (after Pontiac went away…sadness…).

Anyhow, I’ve had my share of trouble with the Equinox. It’s been in the shop a few times for repair. Yesterday, I got a brand new engine block for it, under warranty. While they were working on it, they gave me this sweet little 2013 Impala to drive.

Chevy Impala

It’s a big shock, being in such a short vehicle after the Equinox. But the Impala reminds me of the old Grand Am, sporty and spunky. In a word, fun. Driving the Chevy Impala was fun. I was almost disappointed when the dealer called and said the Equinox was ready to go.

The Equinox gets better gas mileage (and I am less prone to driving it like a moron). It’s more of a luxury ride on the inside…better seats, better sound system, moonroof. But it’s not as fun to drive. Let’s just hope that this is the last time it’s in the shop and we’ll have no problems from this point forward. However, I may have to take another look at the GM sedans on the next time around looking for a new vehicle.

It’s currently 54 degrees and sort of sunny out. The next few days look like an old fashioned Michigan spring…all over the map!

spring weather forecast
I am rather ready for some sustained warm, sunny weather. And a break from work. Both. I put out the oriole jelly feeder yesterday, in case they are lurking in the area. I know it’s early (the feeders were out the same time last year, but it was So. Much. Warmer. last year).

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