Gay Crest Hotel

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Gay Crest Hotel
Second Ave. and Second St. North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
Directly across from Maas Bros. Dept. Store and
Garden Cafeteria. The Ideal Vacation Spot on the
Florida West Coast – Finest in Clientele – Finest in
atmosphere. Open all Season from Nov. 1 to May
1 – Reasonable Rates – Phone 813/862-8251. For
Reservations Phone 813/892-3931.

This card has been postally used:

Am hoping you are home and enjoy-
ing perfect vision.
Am going to Ft Myers
for a few days next
week – Love

Sent to Miss Dorothy Owens
383 Crestview Rd.
Columbus, Ohio

mailed December 1970 using 5 cent blue Washington stamp, one of the Prominent American stamps.

Let me tell you, Maude had lovely handwriting. With this non-specific address, I can’t seem to locate the hotel today online. If you know of it, please let me know!

I could really use a vacation today. This week is not going to be pleasant in any way.

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