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Summer Returns to Michigan

Ready for my Michigan garden update? Last weekend we had quite a cold few days with frost. This week has been lovely, though…sunny and warm. This morning I have my window open and the air just smells so fresh. On the way to work, there was a hot air balloon soaring above the penetrator. I love this time of year. Summer has finally returned to Michigan!

Last night I cleaned out the hummingbird feeder and refilled it. I haven’t seen any hummingbirds visit it, though. However, my oriole couple has returned to the yard (the male first appeared on May 6). They are fairly skittish compared to the rest of the birds, so it’s difficult to get a good photo. Plus, the mosquitoes are HORRIBLE this year, so sitting outside for any amount of time at all just makes me angry.

Baltimore oriole

Every morning I fill the jelly feeder, because every night whatever is left is licked out either by deer or by raccoons. I am so glad the orioles have continued to visit over the past several years.

michigan bulb
This is the first time this bulb has bloomed. I’m not sure what it is, really. My regular daffodils all came up, as did the double daffodils, but the double variety never opened.

The allium bulbs did open, but they are much smaller this year than last. They are so pretty, I think I may plant more this fall.

crabapple tree blossoms
The trees have been lovely this year…or at least, the crabapple trees. The lilacs are doing well, too. The forsythia didn’t do much at all. They had leaves before the blooms opened. I think it has something to do with the cold weather lingering too long, and then immediately getting hot.┬áBoth the red and white bleeding hearts are open, but they are smaller this year, too.

red bleeding hearts
I’ve spent some time the last few days looking up ways to keep mosquitoes away. I’m not kidding, they are a huge problem so far this year. I don’t want to use chemicals or pesticides because of the birds. I’ve planted a bunch of perennials that are supposed to bother the mosquitoes, but they aren’t working. Then I read that you can take fresh catnip straight from the plant and rub the leaves all over you. I tried that last night. The mosquitoes still bit. And then, when I was sitting on the couch, Maxy wouldn’t stop licking my legs where I had rubbed the plant.

Tonight is the Martini Madness event at Southern Exposure Herb Farm. It is a lovely event and this year has brought more than $10,000 for the shelter animals. However, I have to give a speech and go around and talk to everyone, so it’s really like being on stage all night…just not my favorite thing. I will only sip the martinis as I have to keep my wits about me. Just thinking about it has already given me a bad headache. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go to one of these events as a guest, not working it.

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