Gabriel Visits the Cat Solarium

Thursday, April 4, 2013 0 No tags Permalink

Humane Society tripod cat Gabriel came up on the cat floor today for a little bit in the morning. He is doing so much better! He gets his stitches out next Monday.

tripod cat Gabriel
We wanted to see how he’d do with the other cats, and how he got around with a bit more space. He can easily hop up on things around two feet tall, and can run pretty good as well. He is inquisitive and vocal, constantly cooing and making small noises. He doesn’t seem to really mind the other cats much, either. Even when some of them were growling and hissing, he didn’t really react.

tripod cat Gabriel

He’s available for adoption now, but it’s going to take a special person or family to adopt him. He can quickly become overstimulated and gets rather bitey when that happens (no small kids!). He’s also absolutely going to need to be kept from escaping outside. His new family will need a flawless veterinary record.

I don’t think Gabriel will be with us very long. I’ve posted his story and photos up on facebook, and videos of him up on the shelter’s youtube account. People like to feel like they’ve saved a special kitty, and he is a very special kitty indeed. I just want him to live a long, happy, healthy life. When I see him, I feel sad about what he’s gone through. But I feel hopeful about his future, and I feel like I did a small part in helping him survive.

Today is sunny, and it’s supposed to hit 55 degrees this afternoon. Spring break for the kiddies, and we’ve had three adoptions this week. It’s been busy in here every day, but not the best kind of busy…lots of petting zoo and food bank folks. I’m ready for the week to be over, even though the weekend is going to be tragically short (followed by a long, long Monday).

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