From Winter to Summer

Sunday, April 10, 2011 0 No tags Permalink

Spring is here. This morning when we left the house, there was a perfume in the air.

This evening, I discovered that the scent was indeed the violets in the backyard. Today was warm and humid, at 82 degrees. All the windows are open and it feels like summer. I think it’s supposed to cool off dramatically tomorrow though.

This evening I started moving out some of the garden stuff. The bird bath is out and filled. Some of the beds have now been uncovered as well.

I do have five hyacinths coming up, though I still think they are a bit behind.

The dog violets are making progress, too…and spreading this year over last!

Next weekend, the hummingbird feeder is coming out and I’m going to start filling the oriole dish with grape jelly. Yesterday I took some graph paper and plotted out a scale drawing of the front beds that will be redone this year. This next week, I’m going to start plugging in what I want to go where on the drawing.

Even the bleeding heart is coming up! Now I wait for the hostas and astilbe 🙂

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