Flagship Motel

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Vintage Postcard – Flagship Motel

Flagship Motel

Flagship Motel
Redington Beach
17040 Gulf Boulevard     St. Petersburg, Fla.

Right on the gulf…New, ultra modern, air conditioned units (acc. 2-4 persons); each consisting of luxurious “stateroom” deluxe “sleeping quarters”, all electric “galley”, ample “locker & chest” space, tile bath. Daily maid service. Parking on deck at your cabin door.

Prepared by Bob Sheldon

This postcard is unused.

Now, this is a card I can really enjoy, even though it’s black and white. This card has so many things going for it, though (prepared quite thoughtfully by Bob Sheldon, I must say):

  • seagulls in flight
  • incredible (literally incredible) perspective of motel to water
  • gorgeous signage
  • possibly hand-drawn flag and bunting

Here’s a later postcard (courtesy of the The Pie Shops Collection and their fantastic website). Mailed in 1954, that one pretty much has the same wording as on this card. I’ve seen another version of postcard of the motel, with cars, from the early 1950s as well. Yet another version of postcard is here.

Unfortunately, the fabulous Flagship has been replaced by a rather bland seven story condo. Depressing, really.

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