Feetie Prints

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 0 No tags Permalink

I’ve had this project pinned in various states for awhile, but last night was the time I decided to finally do it. I am going to put ribbon through the holes, and they need to be sealed.

I did Maxy’s first. Take Sculpey clay, knead it until soft, press cat paw into flattened clay. I was going to make two sets of the prints, but after the first one Maxy was on to me and was uncooperative. Cato was not a willing participant from the very beginning. Carrie made me feel better about it by saying that it really shows Cato’s personality, complete with toenail prints and cat litter.

Though Cato outweighs Maxy, she has the smallest, dainty little princess paws. They are both such good little cats.

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