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My latest crochet bag is Yolanda Soto Lopez’s Easy/Beginner Crochet Bag project (youtube video below). It calls for two colors of yarn.


The pattern calls for making a front, back and gusset and then attaching them all either by whip stitch or crochet.


To make the front and back:
1. Chain 37
2. SC in each chain. SC for a total of 12 rows. Chain one and turn for each row.
3. On last stitch of row 12, cut off yarn of contrast string and add second string of other color.
4. Rows 13-19, DC. Chain three and turn for each row.
5. On last stitch of row 19, cut one string, join contrast color back in.
6. Rows 20-27, SC. Chain one and turn for each row.
7. For the handles, SC five stitches, chain 50 stitches, SC back in last five stitches, followed by two rows of SC.
8. To make the gusset, chain as wide as you want the bag (I did six), turn and SC in each for about 30 inches.
9. To assemble, either whip stitch or crochet the gusset to the top and bottom
10. Line the bag as desired.


It truly was an easy first bag to make. I encourage you to watch Yolanda’s youtube and try it for yourself! I believe the bag will be used to haul around my crochet items. Next project? The Chroma Crochet Bag from Moogly.

Week four on the 52 week crochet challenge is a discussion on who taught you to crochet. My Mom did! And she is still teaching me. We started with learning how to crochet a border on a knitted scarf I made for a coworker. Today at lunch, I brought my recent project and she showed me the half double crochet stitch and reviewed the pattern I was going to be making. Thanks, Mom!

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