Eastern Motel Miami Springs

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Vintage Postcard – Eastern Motel Miami Springs

Eastern Motel Miami Springs

4585 N.W. 36th St.    Miami Springs, Fla.
Directly opposite Eastern Airlines Terminal at Miami International Airport . . . Air-Conditioned and Heated . . . Cocktail Lounge . . . Coffee Shoppe . . . Swimming Pool and Cabana facilities . . .Free Parking . . . Near Dog Track, Horse Racing and Jai Alai . . . Gift Shop . . . Moderate Rates . . . Open Year Round . . . Phone Tu-2397.

Color Post Card Div. T.N. GILBERT & ASSOCIATES, P.O. Box 861, No. Miami, Fla.

This vintage postcard was mailed March 31, 1958 using a 2-cent red Jefferson stamp, and it’s one of the Price is Right showcase cards! It was mailed to The Big Wheel Showcase, PO Box 710, New York 46, N.Y. and reads:

My bid for the 7 items on wheels is $14,500 – Mathew Stillwell, 1135 Wevelau [?] Ave, Miami Beach, Fla.

I love the Price is Right cards. Struck out tracking down Mathew, though. His bad handwriting doesn’t help, but there’s nothing like a Wevelau Ave in Miami. And he’s not showing up in Ancestry, either. If he had won, I’d guess he’d be out of luck as they wouldn’t be able to find him. Write clearly, friends! You never know what you might miss out on because of your poor penmanship.

The Eastern Motel Miami Springs featured so many great things during its time of glory. Cocktail Lounge! Coffee Shoppe! Cabana! Makes me nostalgic for days gone by.

So, the place still stands. At first I thought it was now called the Runway Inn, which at first I thought was Runaway Inn. It looks like a place where runaways would go, don’t you think? But the Runway Inn sign is actually a place on the second block. The little sign hanging by the weird overhang reads Miami Springs & Eastern Motel.



Booking.com has better photos of it here. It actually looks sort of nice on that site, and gets 5/10 in reviews. If you’re looking to book this place, it’s the corner of East and 36th, so the address might show up either way.

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