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I am doing well with the New Year’s resolutions. I’ve managed to keep up with the cardio, yoga and meditation and I’ve also managed to keep up with reading and sewing projects.

First, I finished the purse from the pattern Kirsten sent me:

Isn’t it cute? Bright and cheery!

Remember the purple monstrosity dress? Vogue9379. I am attempting it again.

The first time I made it, I determined the pattern is weird. The torso is much too short (like almost an empire waist, but clearly not intended to be when you look at the drawings) and the skirt is much too long. So this is my first attempt altering a pattern for clothing. I had to shorten the skirt already, but then even more because I was lengthening the torso. It could come out completely screwed up or odd looking. But I have the fabric, and I want to push on ahead. Well, really I want to make another item in the sew a straight line book, but I’m using up the material I have already. What do you do with all kinds of leftover scraps of fabric?

This is the fabric that I am using. I bought it when Kirsten was here and we went shopping at Fields Fabrics. It’s cute and should be great for a wrap dress. But the fabric itself…working with it is really horrible. Bad. It’s impossible to layout patterns. It’s impossible to cut. I assume it’s going to be impossible to sew.

It also caused my first real sewing accident. I was cutting out the second pattern piece (the wrap belt) and gave myself a really good cut on the index finger with the rotary cutter. It bled and bled. Bob bandaged it all up and it’s seeming to do okay…but I think I’m going to use scissors on the rest of this particular project. I don’t have high hopes that the dress actually will turn out, given the pattern changes and the trickiness of working with the fabric. But it’s another attempt. And when I’m done, I can make the chiffon shirt I’m really excited to make!

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