The Dolphin

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Vintage Postcard – The Dolphin

The Dolphin

The Dolphin
Directly on the world’s most famous beach
2043 So. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla.
Clinton 2-0901

Modern motel rooms, efficiencies, one and two bedroom apartments, accommodating 2 to 8 persons. Completely equipped kitchenettes, large tile baths, tubs and showers. Terraced lawn with shuffleboard.
Overnight guests welcome.

Motel Sales by O.B. Linkous, Real Estate
Tel. CL 2-2063
Rev. 3-62

Pub. by O’Brien Color Studios, 3174 S. Pennisula Dr. Daytona Beach, Fla.

This lovely card features the AAA recommended logo. It was mailed using a purple 4 cent Lincoln stamp, postmarked in Daytona Beach May 4, 1963. It’s a little odd; I believe the card was mailed to a customer at his home address from the owners/managers of the Dolphin. It was sent to Harvey L. Stauffer, 21 E Walnut St., Lancaster, Pa. It reads:

Thanks for your company. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us as much as we enjoyed having you. We will look forward to seeing you again next trip. The “Cooks”

I just love this card. The colors. The palm trees. The fancy script on the name. The younger person seated on the grass on a pool floaty (no pool). And overnight guests welcome. Which rather makes me think of the motel by the police station here in Battle Creek…overnight guests welcome, but hourly rentals are expected as the norm. Also, Motel Sales by O.B. Linkous? Can that even be a real name? Love it. Love.

Damn it all, it’s been replaced by another hideous condo block. A pox upon the developer who tore down the Dolphin!


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