Dog Bait Bags

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Sewing Project – Treats for Tricks!

Making progress on the dog bait bags sewing project. In retrospect, I really should have just done a sample first and then tweaked the pattern, as I’ve already identified some things I’d like to change. I’ll make a mental note for next time! All pieces were cut out:

4″ circle in heavy canvas
12.5″ x 4.5″ rectangle in heavy canvas

4″ circle in ripstop nylon
12.5″ x 7″ rectangle in ripstop nylon

You’ll also need velcro, #7 paracord, flat nylon cording (for the top trim) and a cordstop.

First, I sewed the sides of the nylon and canvas. I then pressed open the canvas.

Dog Bait Bag
Next, I pinned the bottom circle to the canvas and hand-basted it to keep it together.

Dog Bait Bag
Sewing it on the machine is tricky. The canvas comes apart easily. I was thinking of using that glue stuff on it, but for this design purpose and the construction, it should hold together okay.

Dog Bait Bag
Next, I pinned and hand-basted the nylon insert. I didn’t change out sewing machine needles between the two fabrics, and the noise of the thicker needle piercing the nylon nearly drove me insane.

Dog Bait Bag

Next, I rolled down the top of the nylon sack to make the cord drawstring chamber (left) and put on a loop of double-side velcro on the canvas (right).

dog bait bag

I put the nylon sack inside the canvas sack, pinned it and hand-basted it in place. After that, I put the flat cording on the top, pinned it and fought to sew it down. Next time, I believe I’m going to use some of that iron-on web mesh to adhere it before sewing it down as the whole thing moved like crazy as I tried to sew it.

Bait bag

The last step was putting the rolled cord in the tube for the drawstring. I’m glad I had a bodkin to run the cord through the nylon or I’d have been more frustrated than I was. When I went to put the ends of the cord through the cord-stop, the paracord kept separating. I just couldn’t get it to work and kept getting more and more frustrated. I need bigger cord-stops.

bait bag

On the next one, I’m going to be making a flap with a magnet on it (and its match on the side of the bag), so you can put the flap over the top of your pants in case you don’t have a belt loop for the velcro. I think it turned out pretty well…now I just need to make 11 more.

Dog Bait Bag project…done!

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  • Ruth Standring
    September 16, 2016

    just a suggestion but if you melt the cut end of the paracord this will stop if fraying. Love the bags.

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