December Grab Bag

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It’s December. No, really. I know, Thanksgiving was late this year and now we’ve got just over three weeks until Christmas. No amount of complaining or fretting on anyone’s part is going to change that. Put up your lights, put on a smile and look on the bright side…we’re that much closer to spring.*

church tower


As you saw in an earlier post, I am needle-felting cat toys this year. I also have been working on some bath-related projects, but believe I may have over-scented the items. As in, the stuff is packed into ziplock bags, sealed tight up in the spare room, and you can still smell it (too strongly) the instant you open our front door. I’m concerned that using it in an enclosed space might actually kill the user. If it doesn’t out-gas a little more, I’ll be chucking the first round and trying again. I am never really good at getting the right amount of scent on that type of product. Aside from possessing the sort of stink you could rub under your nose to block the smell of rotting flesh (à la Silence of the Lambs), the rest of the method works well so I will be eventually posting a tutorial. It will be okay, because you won’t be able to smell it through your tablet.

It’s also that time of year for holiday greeting cards. No surprise, as I love postcards, but I really like the process of sending cards as well. This year, for various reasons, I’m having difficulty coming up with what to write on the inside of the cards. Instead, I’m taking a lot of time hand-lettering the envelopes. Too much time. Perhaps when you open yours this year, the card inside will be blank…toss that and just keep the envelope in your stash (what, am I the only one who saves the cards I receive each year, bundled by date, to be re-read in later years?).


Blog Love

There are a few blogs I read before I start my day. You should check them out, too!

The Rheel Daze (sharp writing. no joke, Kelly is a great writer and funny to boot.)

Reware Vintage Blog (Bethany lives in Detroit and runs an awesome business.)

The Altucher Confidential (inspirational.)

Also, I pulled the stats on Looking at Google Analytics for the search terms that brought people to the site. My favorite?

does jenny return to llanview before david rinaldi dies?


Mostly, folks seem to wander to my site looking for the Bahamas Princess Casino. But here are some other popular searches:

sewing yoke star trek
1941 singer sewing machine
buttercup bag
cat solarium
dog treat bag sew
“south of the border” bathrooms
adopt tripod cat ny
jenny wolek
old-fashioned cat postcards las vegas


You must check out Pentatonix. They have a good version of Royals (the Lorde song). Their PTXmas album is awesome:

*For those of you who just can’t muster a smile, this one’s for you:


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