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While I was off work, I had hoped to get a ton of crocheting done. This baby blanket took much longer than I expected it would, though. It took two skeins of the yellow Bernat Softee and a tiny bit of a skein of the white Bernat Softee. The pattern is a waffle stitch, with a shell edge using a K sized hook. I love the way it turned out and I really liked the pattern.

I am finishing up scarf #2 (part of the Twelve Scarves of Xmas) right now. Tonight I hope to work in the ends and I am going to add fringe to the bottom of it. It’s a variegated yarn, alternating rows of single and double crochet.


This (below) is scarf #1. I had high hopes for the yarn, but it didn’t turn out quite like what I wanted with the stitch pattern I was planning. I wound up going for a plain old double crochet.


Technically, I have nine weeks to finish ten more scarves. I’m going to have to hustle. In addition to that, I have a special crochet project on the list of things to complete, and my coworker just found out she’s having a baby girl and there’s that. My hand will be a claw by New Year’s Day.

In health-related news, I’m still on crutches. Technically next Tuesday I should be able to drive a vehicle again, but I don’t see the doctor until October 27. I am tired of wearing the leg brace and tired of scooting up and down the stairs on my backside. I’ve been back to work just over a week now. The one thing this surgery has really made me learn is that my upper body is incredibly weak.

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