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Last winter, I made a knit scarf on a round loom for Bob. It wasn’t lying flat, so Mom showed me how to crochet edging on it. Little did I know that I would become so addicted to crocheting (resulting in this year, the madness of the Twelve Scarves of Xmas). I’m so lucky that I am learning to crochet in the digital age and I can turn to websites and YouTube for help and instruction. Below are some of my favorite crochet links.


Moogly Blog

Their tagline says it all: crochet, knitting, world domination. And they’ve got it all…reviews, tutorials, patterns. I’ve made their Chroma Crochet purse twice and it is¬†awesome.

Red Berry Crochet

RBC is doing an awesome 52 weeks of crochet challenge. The projects are really fun.


Everyone is on Ravelry, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a giant community of other people who love what you love. Join and post your projects, keep track of your yarn stash and connect with others.

New Stitch a Day РCrochet Stitchionary

I can’t say enough about New Stitch a Day’s Crochet Stitchionary. Video tutorials for every stitch you’ve ever imagined. Wanting to do something different than the same old double crochet? This is your place to go.


KnitPicks is a great source for yarn. But they also have some nice crochet video tutorials, including one on how to read a crochet diagram. Very helpful!


So, that’s a link to my Pinterest crochet board (follow me?). But just a simple Pinterest search will reveal so many project ideas, it’s amazing.


Happy hooking, my friends.

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