Crescent Court

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Vintage Postcard – Crescent Court – Orlando Florida

crescent court

Recommended by A.A.A.
Crescent Court
1721 N. Mills St. — ON ROUTE 17-92
Orlando, Florida
32 Rooms — Air-Conditioned — Electric Heat
Wall-to-Wall Carpets — Tile Showers
Phone: 3-0287

Genuine Natural Color Made by Dexter Press Inc., West Nyack, N.Y.
Pub. by Tyn Cobb, Jr., Orlando, Fla.

This lovely vintage card is postally unused. And it’s gorgeous. The C of Court on the signage is shaped like a crescent moon. The line of the roof. The palm trees. It’s just magic.

I was able to find a newer version of this card, with a plastic back-lit sign replacing all the signage in our postcard here. It boasts of the same as above, plus room phones, free television and a swimming pool, phone GArden 2-4482.

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