Cold Morning

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 0 No tags Permalink

It was -4 at the house this morning and -8 in Pennfield. With the windchill today, it’s supposed to feel like -10 now. The sun is coming out though. And after all, it is winter in Michigan. We got a little snow, a couple of inches, yesterday and we’re in for a little more each day in the forecast. Warmer weather is predicted to return next Monday and Tuesday.

You may have noticed I changed the theme of the website. This one seems to have better widgets. It’s good to change things up every once in awhile, anyhow.

I’ve been doing project 365, or, since 2007. Six years ago today, we ate dinner at the hospital. This week in 2011, there was something crazy going on at work (probably staff terminations…was that the week we lost both receptionists?). Last year I was working on that wrap dress which turned out to be un-wearable. What will we be doing a year from now?

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