Cold Brewed Coffee

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Cold Brewed Coffee System

You know I love my coffee. And I especially love iced coffee. Most mornings, I drag through my local coffee shop. That costs time and money. But making iced coffee can be a bit of a hassle. You can brew hot coffee and then let it cool down. Or you can cold brew it and then strain it, which is messy (but better for you, and tastier, and more fantastic in every way…read this!). But there had to be a better way. After some emails back and forth, my amazing¬†friend Teri Maisner, from¬†Singing Frog Stuff, came up with a tool and brought it over for me to try.

Singing Frog Stuff cold brew coffee

The system has a large, reusable filter and a mason jar. Fill the filter with 3/4 cup of coffee (a coarse grind is best if you are able to select), drop it in the jar and fill the jar to the top with water.

Singing Frog Stuff cold brew coffee

Pop on the lid and put it in the fridge for 24 hours. Pull out the filter, dump the grounds, rinse the filter and you’re all set! You’ll have just over 24 ounces of coffee. It’s cold, delicious and ready in the morning, saving me time and money.

Teri also makes reusable tea bags. You can put loose tea in them, but if you’re growing mint or lemon balm or whatnot in your garden, you can slap fresh plants in there, too. This year I grew my own lemon mint and lemon balm and that makes for a nice cup of tea.

Singing Frog Stuff reusable tea bag

You can get in touch with Teri and Singing Frog Stuff on her facebook page, if you’re interested in purchasing her teabags or the cold brew coffee system. She also has them available at some locations in Battle Creek, Michigan.



FTC required disclosure: I am incredibly lucky to have such a talented (and generous!) friend like Teri. She gave me the cold brew coffee system and tea bag to try as a gift, and after I tried them out and they worked wonderfully, I asked if I could sing her praises on I’m not being paid for this positive review, but I do hope you will all consider contacting Teri about buying her items for everyone you know for Christmashanakwanzika gifts because they really are awesome and so is she.

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