Clearwater Causeway Sunset

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Vintage Postcard – Clearwater Causeway Sunset

clearwater causeway sunset

One of Florida’s most spectacular sights — a sunset over Clearwater Bay. The light of Memorial Causeway leads from the mainland over the bay to Clearwater Beach in the distance.

Color photo by Ward Beckett – Clearwater, FLA.

This gorgeous vintage postcard is unused.

Holy cats, it’s another week of hot, hot, hot temperatures here in Michigan! I don’t recall a summer as dry as this. Honestly, though, I love it. I have some plans to reach out and snag a bit of the summer while it’s still here…stay tuned!

I’m loving this vintage postcard. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to have it blown up to cover a wall in your bedroom? Awww yisss.

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