City Center

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“One of the Nation’s Finest”
700 Freemont Str. (U.S. 93-95-466)
In the “♥“ of “downtown” Las Vegas, Nevada
near all Gambling Clubs and Night Life.
Phone: 382-4766
56 New, spacious units, each with room phones.
24-hour switchboard. Free TV and Radios. Cooled
by Refrigeration. Heated Swimming Pool. Sun-deck.
Excellent restaurant across street.
Albert and J.T. Franklin, Owners
(stamped below in red ink, Henry and Lucille Hendrickson, Mgrs.)

The card is stamped as a member of the Best Western Motels and AAA Approved.

Now, in 2007 when we went to Las Vegas and toured the neon graveyard, I came across the City Center signage and posted on Here it is, for your enjoyment:

City Center - Now

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