Chroma Crochet Bag

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I have finally finished my modified Chroma Crochet Bag by Moogly (click on link for the free pattern. Moogly is awesome and I highly encourage you to follow on facebook, twitter, etc.).


It’s crocheted in the round, starting with the base.


Adding colors:

I opted to go for the handle to finish it, but the patternĀ also provides for a clutch and crochet handle.

chroma crochet bag
The pattern is easy to read and there is a video tutorial for the stitch as well on the Moogly site.


Things I would have done differently (my issues, not problems with the pattern itself) include choosing round handles so the bag can ride comfortably over my wrist, and remembering to line the bag before I sewed the handles in. You can’t appropriately line a bag with handles on it, which is something I remembered after they were on there. Fortunately, it’s a dense crochet, so it can go without being lined.

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