Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia

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Vintage Postcard – Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia

Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia

Published by Edwards Camera Center, Onancock, Va.
Silvercraft – Made by The Dexter Press, Pearl River, N.Y.

This lovely vintage card was mailed with a green one-cent George Washington stamp from Tasley Virginia on June 27, 1947. It was mailed to Mr. Ernest Graves, RFD #2, Amherst Mass. It reads:

Dear “Dad”
Have had a grand trip so far – and we are both feeling good in spite of the 400 miles we traveled. This is a nice place and cottage with all conveniences. We could have made it in one day but didn’t want to rush.
Love Freddie and Elizabeth

Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia

Whispering Pines Motel-Hotel
Perfectly appointed Motel or Hotel accommodations. AIR-CONDITIONING – Television – A Spacious Dining Room and Soda Fountain.
Ocean Hiway – U.S. #13
Accomac, Virginia
Phone: 707 – SUnset 7-1300

Hannau Color Productions, 475 5th Avenue, N.Y.
Color Masters INC
K 36858

This Koppel card features the AAA logo and was mailed with a purple four-cent Lincoln stamp from Accomac  September 11, 1964 to Mrs. R.M. Milligan, 312 W Britannia St, Tarenton, Mass. It reads:

Fri Night
Accomac, VA.
Good trip so far –
Traffic average
Over 500 miles today
Will write Sun or Mon.
Love Roy

Roy is Roy M Milligan, writing to his wife, Naomi B Milligan. The home at the address on Britannia Street still stands, according to Google Street View:

I didn’t find any details on the Ernest Graves, Freddie or Elizabeth, and not very much at all on the Milligans. I was especially interested in Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia after reading American Fire by Monica Hesse.

It was a really interesting book, and made me want to look more into the area. If you’re looking for a fast read, you might want to check it out. Anyhow, the Whispering Pines was something in its day. Advertised in newspapers like the Wilmington Delaware Morning News (12/11/1947):
Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia

Or the same paper on December 9, 1954:

Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia

Or later, in the Salisbury Maryland Daily Times (10/29/1995):

Whispering Pines Accomac Virginia

This website has motel construction as 1932 by Charles F. Russell, and held and run by the family until it was sold in 1972 (Charles passed in 1963). It was sold at auction in 2012 for $28,000.

Belvedere Resort Motel

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Belvedere Resort Motel retro postcardBelvedere Resort Motel
100% Oceanfront at 36th Street
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451
Phone (804) 425-0612

New oceanfront resort motel located in the exclusive North Virginia Beach area. Beautifully equipped efficiencies and magnificent bridal suite. Color T.V. in all units. Coffee shop. Swimming Pool.

1976- Color Photo & Card by ALADDIN COLOR
Broad & 3rd Sts., Florence, N.J. 08518 609-499-1100 – Printed in U.S.A. 138779

Woot! The Belvedere is still in business!

The Belvedere Resort Motel

Photo Courtesy The Belvedere Resort Motel website

From their website: The Belvedere Beach Resort, located in Virginia Beach, VA is privately owned and operated by the Sams & Willis family. This little “gem” on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront has a very loyal following of guests that have returned with their families year after year.

The Belvedere is closed for the season, but it opens up in May. They have a lovely website, and what looks like a fabulous coffee shop (award winning coffee shop – Best Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy award in 2011!). Also, The Belvedere gets excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp!

If you’re heading to Virginia Beach, stop and take a photo or two for me.